Hello all,

We are two young designers that have recently opened up a new clothing line on spreadshirt. We design fashionable modern clothing and frequently update our designs. The clothes that we create are casual and made for everyday use. As long as we have buyers we will continue creating new designs. We have clothes for both sexes (male and female). We offer t-shirts, v-necks, shirts and anything else that is requested by the public.

This is the shop link: http://abandon.spreadshirt.net/

You can like us on facebook where we update for every new item that we release: http://www.facebook.com/abandonwear

We will update this blog with our new designs incase you do not have a facebook account.

Please feel free to browse our shop and see if there is anything that you like. Feel free to buy anything that we have posted if it is of your interest as it helps the shop grow.